Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Welcome to our Learning Showcase

Welcome to our Casady School Learning Showcase website. This is an online space to celebrate innovative and successful student learning! Every day our students and teachers are participating in engaging lessons and building interesting projects. We want to amplify these examples of student work, both within and beyond our Casady community in Oklahoma City.

An important way we're using technology at our school is to "show what we know with media." By including photos, audio recordings, videos, and other types of multimedia, our students can demonstrate and communicate their knowledge and skills in powerful ways.

By inviting students to CREATE with media, we are providing opportunities for them to explain their thinking as well as their work in greater detail and depth than they could with paper and pencil. Over time, these digital artifacts can become part of a portfolio of work students and teachers can use to visibly see learning progress over time.

We hope you'll share the projects you find here on your own social media accounts: On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and elsewhere. Please help us amplify the creativity, curiosity, innovation, and successful learning of our students!

Our project is modeled after similar learning showcase websites created by other schools. See the About page of the OklaEd Learning Showcase website for more background and examples of these websites.

If you have any questions about this website or a suggestion for a student project we should feature, please contact a member of our Casady Technology Team.

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