Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Enhancing Spanish Class Skits with Green Screen Videos

In Spring 2016, 8th grade Spanish students in Erick Chaverri's classes at Casady School created a variety of 4 to 7 minute video skits based on a variety of Hollywood movie hits and other themes. From "Finding Dory" ("Buscando A Dory") to "Back to the Future En EspaƱol," these 8th graders combined their creativity, Spanish language, digital literacy, and group collaboration skills to create a wonderful collection of student-produced videos. This is a project Mr. Chaverri has facilitated for many years, but this was the first year students recorded and edited their own videos using the "Green Screen" iPad app by Do Ink. Students also recorded some scenes on their own smartphones, and combined various clips into their final group videos using iMovie for iPad. The green screen and lights used for recording in the classroom and the iPads were checked out from the Casady Middle Division Library. 11 of the student groups chose to share their final videos on our "Casady Student Projects" YouTube channel, and are available together in this YouTube playlist! Please check them out!

Michaella Freeland, our librarian for Middle Division and Lower Division, along with Wesley Fryer, our director of technology, helped Mr Chaverri and his students by providing instructional support as well as technology resources for this project. Some student groups wanted to use videos as the backgrounds of their green screen movies as well as still images, so Dr. Fryer shared some "mini-lessons" about those iPad videography techniques using "Green Screen Video Backgrounds" directly with students in class. The results are evident in these impressive videos created by our Casady students!

Dr Fryer also recorded a short video providing additional background about the project. Kudos to Mr. Chaverri for facilitating this fantastic project again with Casady 8th grade Spanish students, which combined so many different language and literacy skills together! Kudos also to our Casady students, who "raised the bar" for iPad green screen videography and foreign language skits with their fantastic collection of video projects!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Force Painting in Elementary Art Class

Students in Mrs. Thompson's lower division art class (@seeingnewshapes) participated in a wonderful STEAM lesson project this year involving art and magnetism. If you haven't heard of STEAM before, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. More information about STEAM as an educational and learning philosophy is available on stemtosteam.org.

This 3 minute video includes audio interviews with Mrs. Thompson and some of her students, discussing the Force Painting project. Listen to how much students learned about science concepts including electro-magnetism in this project!

Some students also returned to their classroom and wrote in their writing journals with their homeroom teacher about the things they'd learned in art class! What a great interdisciplinary lesson for our young artists!

That audio interview video was created on a classroom iPad using the free app, Voice Record Pro. That exported video was combined with other iPad video clips using the free app, YouTube Capture.

This is a photo of some student "Force Painting" projects shared during our recent Lower Division Art Show! For more about the Art Show, check out this page on Mrs. Thompson's classroom website. Also, if you're on Twitter, be sure to follow Mrs. Thompson's class on @seeingnewshapes.

Mrs. Thompson and Dr Fryer (@wfryer), our Casady School Director of Technology, shared some lesson ideas related to STEAM and Creativity at the February 15, 2016 Casady "Conference on Education" and the February 19, 2016 OMLEA Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Check out the Google Slides from those presentations for more information.

Innovative things are happening in our Casady School classrooms! Next time you see Mrs. Thompson, ask her to share more about Force Painting and STEAM projects!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

3D Printing in 6th Grade History Monuments Project

Several students in Mrs. Zedlitz's class this semester chose to design objects in Tinkercad and print them with our library 3D printer as part of their 6th grade History "Monuments Project." The title of this unit was, "The Grandeur that was Rome: Past and Present." In the following two minute narrated slideshow, Mrs. Zedlitz describes the project, the requirements, and how students creatively designed for and used 3D printing to meet its requirements. She also describes the "Classical Selfie" assignment, which also helped students deepen their knowledge and understanding of classical architecture.

Thanks to Mrs. Freeland for recording this interview and creating this video using the iPad app Explain Everything.