Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Learning Programming with Lego Robotics

8th graders at Casady School in Oklahoma City have the opportunity to take an elective course with Dr. Glen Emerson (@emerson_glen) called, ¨Programming the EV3 Robot.¨ The official course description explains how students learn to use Lego Mindstorms Robots to develop their computational thinking (programming skills) by collaboratively figuring out how to solve different challenges:
This course covers some of the programming necessary to successfully navigate the EV3 Lego robot in real world conditions using rotation, touch, light, and ultrasonic sensors. Using the EV3 graphical programming environment available from Lego, students write programs that enabled the robot to follow a line, follow a wall, and stop a certain distance from a wall. After this introduction, students are divided into groups and asked to work together to accomplish specific missions, such as having their robot pick up a loop and return to the home base autonomously. Each group continually tests and corrects their robotic design and programs as necessary.
Last week, on January 19, 2017, Casady 8th graders Colton and Brigitte took a few minutes to demonstrate and explain how they use the Lego Mindstorms block-based programming environment to control their robots and navigate an ever-changing course of challenges created for them by Dr. Emerson. Check out this short, three minute video to see and hear Colton and Brigitte explaining their classroom learning using programming and robotics.

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