Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Google Form Survey in Chapel for Comparative French Sociology Study

Hannah Jordan, a high school junior at Casady School in Oklahoma City,  has been named as one of five students in central Oklahoma to participate in the Franco-American Fellows Program. Hannah and other selected students will travel to France to study specific topics this year during Spring Break. Hannah has started her research project on the topic, "A Socioeconomic Comparison of Single Parenting Between France and the United States," and used a Google Form as a survey for her classmates at Casady earlier this month. Last week, Hannah and her Casady French teacher, Sheila Kruse, participated in a 15 minute interview about the Franco-American Fellows Program, the value of international exchange programs, and the backstory behind this unique research project. Check out the audio interview on YouTube or on our Casady Voices podcast channel on Opinion or on YouTube.

Read more about Hannah's upcoming trip on the Casady Community Service Learning blog.

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