Thursday, May 25, 2017

Students Design and Build Wind-Powered Cell Phone Charging Turbine

This year in Greg Zamarripa's AP Physics C class at Casady School, five students opted to create an engineering project in lieu of a final examination. Vinay Chandresekaran, Caitlyn Greene, Jack Ryan, Calvin Tolbert, and Philip Whitmarsh built a wind generator that charges a cell phone. The blades spin magnets wrapped in copper coils. With increasing-decreasing magnetic field strengths and pole flips, induced current continually changes direction creating alternating current. The students found a way to match the current and voltage produced in our electrical outlets and to charge a juice pack. The USB charger / juice pack then charges a connected cell phones via a USB charger.

In this short video, Calvin and Jack demonstrate and describe their project. They also reflect on some of the lessons learned from this challenging engineering project which required extensive math as well as physics knowledge to successfully complete.

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