Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Gamifying Beowulf in 10th Grade English Class

In fall 2019, Casady School 10th grader Andrew created a wonderfully complex and innovative game as his culminating project for his study of the Old English Poem Beowulf. In this 27 minute audio interview, Andrew describes his game and how it connected to the themes as well as historical, cultural context of Beowulf. 10th grade English teacher, Dr. Bonnie Gerard, explains project expectations and how Andrew found a very creative way to blend his understanding of game theory, mathematics and probability, with the themes of both Beowulf as well as "honor" in Scandinavian culture to demonstrate his mastery of the unit's goals and objectives. This was part of a larger unit on "Monsters and Heroes," in which students read Dracula, Frankenstein, Macbeth and Beowulf.  Listen to Andrew and Dr. Gerard's description of this fantastic project and the backstory of how it was created!